Splitting your long posts into multiple pages can increase your pageviews while reducing your bounce rate.

Splitting your post is accomplished by inserting <!- -nextpage- -> where you want the next page to start. Insure you are using the Text view when using the nextpage tag and do be careful when cutting and pasting the nextpage tag as it sometimes does not paste correctly. If you find that the pagination is not working, try typing the <!- -nextpage- -> tag manually on the WordPress editor or copy the correct code below.

If for some reason, pagination is not showing up after you have added the nextpage tags, then you will need to add wp_link_pages() to the following code in your single.php loop.

Once the nextpage tags are added to your post the pagination will start to show. There are several parameters for this function that can be used. The codex page for Styling Page-Links does a great job explaining Styling Page Links.

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